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InstaLeads4U Subscription
$595.00 USD Monthly
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Hi, I’m Dan Shea, and when my colleague, Barry Bullard, was telling me about what he was doing at N2, I was intrigued.  The entire story amazed me how he funded himself ramping up in 2020 and going to print in 2021, struggling to make ends meet, stay above compliance (which he told me he almost lost his franchise twice due to non-compliance), and get enough warm leads to call.

Then, when he told me how he was trying to use Instagram to generate those leads, I laughed - especially when he told me how Instagram had locked his account for a few days after he sent what I knew to be way too many DMs in a short period, the time it was taking to research and select whom to DM, and keeping up with all the responses to ensure nothing fell through the cracks - and not having time to do everything else created a vicious cycle.

I knew he needed my help.

So, I agreed to run the Instagram lead generation for him to increase his leads exponentially!

That was in June 2022, and I am proud to report my conversations with him are a bit different now.  When he started with me in June 2022, Barry was just a few dollars above compliance at $3000/month in profit.  One month later, he soared to over $8000/month In July 2022 and to almost $13,000 in December 2022 and is now launching another pub!

How did he do it?  Well, there's a lot to that, including decision, commitment, process, and team, but the main thing that changed it all was using Instagram to generate leads.  But using Instagram was not without concerns, as I mentioned:  time to research and select whom to DM, getting blocked and locked out of IG for days at a time, and keeping up with all the responses to ensure nothing fell through the cracks.  While this method generated great leads, he needed help if he was to achieve his goals.  

Can you do it yourself?  Yes, you can do it yourself and experience a deal or two here or there, and suffer the opportunity cost, or, like Barry, you can hire me to run the Instagram lead-gen for you.  That way, you, too, can focus on calling & closing warm leads!  

The good news is I have room for 7 more this month!  Leads are delivered to you on a Google Sheet ready for you to call & close!

Give it a try and see for yourself!